When it comes to planning a wedding, locating a venue can be the most stressful, and key, piece to tying everything together. Our clubhouse’s banquet hall could be the final piece to that puzzle, helping you have the most beautiful wedding day you can hope for. Its overlooks are exhilarating; the surrounding scenery something that leaves imagination at the door for all the beauty it offers from the moment you step on the property.

The inside of the clubhouse, however, is ideal for that reception that you want to hold. As much space that’s offered in the banquet hall allows any planner to do the things they’d love in offering a memorable experience blog here. Aside from the space, there is also a bevy of chairs and tables to be utilized useful source. For the amount of each item, прочетете за това тук please consult below. Thank you for considering us.

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     Jenny’s Golden Horseshoe Catering

Jenny's Golden Horseshoe Cafe & Catering 1.2018

Jenny's Golden Horseshoe Cafe & Catering 2.2018

Jenny's Golden Horseshoe Cafe & Catering 3.2018

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