Clubhouse Event Rental Special

For the months of January,February & March 2015  we are offering all clubhouse event rentals at $400.00 for the first four hours. Birthdays,baby showers,anniversary’s etc.

Weddings are reduced to $500.00 for the first 4 hours.

Call to schedule your special event today.10603760_715824968499475_5862676069223410136_n

The interiors of the Chicora Clubhouse are simple, elegant, and beautiful – features that make it easy to modify for whatever event you plan to hold. For example, many book the space for corporate retreats and conferences. For these events, we customize a floor plan that will work best for the proceedings. If you plan to accommodate a significant number of employees, we can set up auditorium-style seating with multiple rows. Of course, we can also do banquet-style seating, which allows for six to eight people per table. Here you can find Big Bear Luxury Cabin. You also have the option of saving some floor space for activities and presentations.

Our clubhouse is also a preferred venue for weddings and other parties. If you would like to book the space for such an event, we make sure to gar furnace replacement near me closely with you to make sure your event will be a complete success. We will assist you all throughout the process, starting from planning the smallest details to actual implementation. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss the requirements of your event and learn how we can help.

What truly sets the Clubhouse apart is the dedicated team we employ to help make sure every part of your event goes off without a hitch. These professional planners and organizers bring years of experience to the table and will assist you from the smallest details to the biggest requirements of your event. Our dedicated team is here to help you plan every part of your special event, ensuring its success on every level.

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